Frequently Asked Questions 

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

  • Can I pay by Credit Card?

In January 2011 the Reserve Bank of India issued an instruction to banks that Online Credit Card Transactions, i.e. where the cardholder is not present (CNP), would mandatorily require second level authentication each time processing of a transaction takes place. This stipulation means that going forward recurring automatic card payments for the Pride of India Collection will not be possible, and all monthly payments for your collection must be by Personal Cheque. We will of course notify you of any changes to the credit card regulations.

  • How do I pay by Personal Cheque?

Cheques should be made out in favour of “Pride of India Collection” and posted to the following address: HALLMARK INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED
NEW DELHI - 110019
For your first payment please enclose your printed Order to ensure correct identification. For future payments we will provide a pre-printed Advice Note and reply envelope. To simplify the process you can send a number of post-dated cheques which will be presented each month as your Stamp Ingots are delivered.

  • Who is responsible for manufacturing and distributing the Pride of India Collection?

The international company Hallmark Group Limited, head-quartered in London, is responsible for issuing the Collection, under the authority of India Post.  The Collection is distributed in India by Hallmark’s Indian venture, Hallmark India Pvt. Ltd.

  • Who selected the stamps included in the collection?

From the 1000s stored within the archive of the National Philatelic Museum, 25 were selected by a panel made up of philatelic experts, historians, artists and national figures.  They were chosen to represent a cross-section of important historic, artistic and cultural aspects of the nation.

  • How much silver and gold is there in the Collection?

There are 25 solid silver stamp replicas in the Collection.  Each replica is 2.2mm thick and exactly the same size as the original stamp.  The weight of each will vary according to the size of the stamp, and the average is 31.35 grams (just over 1 Troy Ounce).  Thus the whole collection weighs 784 grams of pure silver (over ¾ Kilo).  In addition each stamp replica is layered with pure 24 karat gold.

  • Is the quoted price of Rs 9000 for the whole collection, or just for 1 replica?

As of 1st April 2011 each gold layered solid silver stamp replica costs Rs 9000, inclusive of all taxes, delivery costs and accessories. There no additional charges. The 25 replicas in the set are sent at the rate of 1 per month for 25 months, or at a faster rate if you wish. You will be charged just Rs 9000 per month until the collection is complete, making a total of Rs 225,000 for the complete collection.

  • Can I get a discount for buying more than one set?

Since The Pride of India Collection is a worldwide Limited Edition issue, and is likely to be several times over-subscribed, there can be no discounts for bulk purchase.

  • How can I order a set of The Pride of India Collection?

The following ordering methods are available.

    1. Online – on this website there is a ‘How To Order’ tab.  Click this and you will be guided through the ordering process.
    2. By Mail – if you have an official Priority Order Form please complete this and send to the Customer Service Centre in the envelope provided, or mail to the contact address indicated on this site.
    3. By Phone – call 011 4640 4444 between the hours of 9:30am and 5:30 pm Monday to Friday
    4. By Fax – send the completed Priority Order Form to 011-26207155


  • What is the Issue Limit?

The Issue Limit has been fixed at the outset in coordination with the manufacturer and the Indian authorities at a total of 7,500 complete sets worldwide.  On completion of your collection you will be presented with a Certificate of Authenticity stating the number of your set, and guaranteeing the issue limit at 7,500.  This will be signed by both the Swiss manufacturer, Faude & Huguenin S.A,. and the official issuer, Hallmark Group Ltd.  On completion of the minting the original master dies are passed to the archives of the National
Philatelic Museum, GPO, Parliament Street, New Delhi for safe-keeping.

  • How can I be sure that the replicas are made from pure silver and gold?

The precious metals used in the manufacture are sourced in Switzerland from mints officially approved and inspected by the Swiss Assay Office.  Each replica bears the manufacturers mark and the official Swiss Assay mark guaranteeing the purity of the metals.  Every complete collection is issued with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by the manufacturer guaranteeing the purity of the precious metal. 


  • How will I know if my order has been accepted?

Every order is confirmed by an Acknowledgement Letter within two weeks of receipt at our office.  This letter will explain when the first delivery will be made, and when each accessory is due to be shipped.

  • How do you identify my personal account details if I call?

The first thing on receipt of your order is to allocate a personal Reference Number, unique to you.  Thereafter every communication will state this number, and you should quote it whenever you contact our Customer Service Office.

  • When do I receive the free gifts listed in the brochure?

We will start delivering the free accessories to your collection in the early stages.  The
Acknowledgment Letter you receive on order spells out the sequence and timing of deliveries in detail.